In a March 7th speech to Gettysburg College in which he resumed his attacks on diversity and renewal in the UCC and other mainline denominations, UCC President John Thomas made a startling admission. Speaking to the ways in which the church has historically influenced politics and society in the United States, he said, “But I’m sensing that the pattern is now beginning to shift, at least over the last 20 years, and politicians and politics have begun to find ways to use, manipulate, control religion for their own particular interest.” Then he went on to admit, “And recently, well-connected Democratic operatives have begun quiet conversations with a few progressive religious leaders, including me, asking how their candidates might be able to use religious language and imagery more effectively to connect with churchgoing voters.”

Biblical Witness Fellowship has consistently asserted that attempts to discredit evangelical renewal in the mainline denominations with grossly inaccurate misinformation about their supposed political connections was an exercise in projection. The UCC and other mainline denominational leaders have long drawn their issues and positions directly from the playbook of leftist political groups. Synod resolutions are often drafted by labor unions and political activists from the left. President Thomas has now confirmed our analysis. 

Date Posted March 8, 2006